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“Hello from Daejeon, South Korea!”

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  • started 1 year ago by Gumbalaya
  1. Hello everyone! Wow this is a great community!
    We are a couple living in Daejeon, South Korea as English teachers within the public school program.
    We LOVE food, and really enjoy trying and learning about all different kinds of Korean food.
    The food here is awesome, by the way! ;)
    We are vloggers as well, so far our videos has focused on different restaurants in the Daejeon area, but (with knowledge from Maangchi's videos and some more research) we hope to start producing videos of Korean food that is available here in the coming weeks.
    If anyone is interested, we have some sites of our own:

    Daily photo blog (mostly food):

    Thanks for reading! Looking forward to learning more about Korean food and culture!

    Marlow and Antonette Gum

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