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“Hello from Florida!”

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  • started 2 years ago by fitXmom
  1. Hello, everyone! I am from Orlando, FL and with the increase in Korean friends and Korean drama (which I love!!), I have also become interested in their food. Kimchi being one of the most talked of foods cuaght my interested and a Korean friend of mine made some for me along with some delicious Korean barbecue! I came across Maangchi's site and well, I am blown away!

    So far I have made Maangchi's Emergency Kimchi and her Ddukbokki. So yum!

    I look forward to sharing with others and hopefully Maagnchi will make a visit to my state so I can meet many of you!

    ☺ Maria


    1. MyfirstDdukbokki.JPG (110.8 KB, 414 downloads) 2 years old
    2. MyFirstKimchi.JPG (121 KB, 397 downloads) 2 years old

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