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“Hello from Germany”

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  • started 4 years ago by San
  1. Hey there Maangchi and everyone else.

    Thank you for this site, the recipes and the videos.

    My love for everything korean started with korean movies on youtube a few months back. Now I'm hooked on Korea.

    I just made my first ever korean dish yesterday: Rolled Eggs - Gye ran mal yee. The rolling was tricky but I succeeded and today I've took some with me to work for lunch. Yum. Yesterday I saw chinese cabbage at my local super market so I'll make my first kimchi this weekend. Yeah.

    To my utter astonishment there is only one german book on korean food in print. I just bought it, but I'll probably order two english books this weekend. Cookbooks, love them.

    Pictures from my first korean dishes you find at my blog:

    Cheers from Germany,

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