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“Hello from New Zealand”

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  1. I am a wife and mother of two boys and I live in Christchurch, New Zealand.
    We recently suffered a 6.8 fatal earthquake in my city, there were many International students that lost their lives in the city because an English school collapsed. i wish to convey my condolences to those family members whom lost loved ones.
    I became interested in Korean and Asian food at a young age because my Dad loved to cook it and when I got married my husband discovered that he was lactose intolerant ans so began my google search for dairy-free recipes and I came across this site. It is great and I have learnt many wonderful things and now we eat Korean style recipes 2-3 times a week !

  2. Hi annienz - I am also from New Zealand (Wellington). I joined the site a couple of months ago and have been cooking Korean like crazy! I love the food (especially Maangchi's recipes) and think I will eat Korean forever now.

    We were all so shocked by the earthquake in Christchurch. My website raised $8,000 for Red Cross when it happened. Hopefully the quakes are over now and the long journey of returning to normal life can begin.

  3. Wow $8000 that's great, we are hearing stories of people donating and it is great ! It is hard to see images of the city I grew up in so destroyed. My children will not know Christchurch as I did, with it beautiful old buildings and a town center that had so much character. It is very good to know that people are donating to help re-build these building, I think it is important otherwise tourists won't come back to our lovely city :) Thank you
    p.s. I too love Korean food now and we eat it at home and out all the time :)

  4. Sorry to Hear of the Quake in NZ ! That is Awful! I am Happy You Found Maangchi's Site though ! She has so Many Delicious Recipes. I Love all of the Recipes !

  5. Yes she has ! I recently found a Korean restaurant near our house and it is NOT damaged ! yeah so I went with a friend for a email and it was amazing ! So good to try things I had seen on this site! Makes me braver to try making things at home :)

  6. annie id like to email you. Looking for someone in christchurch.........

  7. and by the way....I made my first didnt last long enough to know for sure if it was good so guess i'll have to do it again........tks Maangchi

  8. I share you my Sincerely sorry and my sympathy to those affected by the earthquake
    I pray to God to protect you all

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