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“Hello from NYC!”

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  • started 2 years ago by avaldemon
  1. Hi! I'm Roman. :) I'm originally from Central Asian country of Uzbekistan. Since 12 years old I live in NYC (I'm 26 now). I'm not an ethnic Uzbek, but Russian (Uzbekistan was part of Russian Empire, later USSR) and I love love LOVE Korean food. We had a lot of Korean people living in Uzbekistan and that is how I used to the taste of Korean food :) Just remembering those times at Korean parts of the bazaar making my mouth water!
    Kim Chee is of course my most favorite one. In Uzbekistan though it is called "cheem chee" and made a little bit different. I think mostly because they lack certain authentic ingridients.
    I have some questions regarding Kim Chee but that is for another forum, I think :)

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