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  1. HEllo everyone! I lived in Korea for about a year and I feel in love with the Korean food. I love to cook and to share food with others. If anyone is in the Seattle area and would like to cook Korean food together, let me know!


  2. Hello~~ i'm in Lynnwood area.. 8D
    nice to see other Seattleite here! haha ^^

  3. I'm from Seattle too! It's surprising there aren't more of us here considering how much amazing Korean food there is around...

  4. Hi, I'm in Seattle too! Well, ok, Lake Forest Park, but it's still Seattle ;) We have a lot of good Korean restaurants up north. Where is everyone's favorite restaurant and/or store for Korean food?

  5. Hello, I'm from Seattle too! I love Koran food and am so, so happy I found Maangchi's videos, she makes it look so easy and they're all very clear.

    Actually I live in Lynnwood, and I have some sad news for you. The Pal-Do World food store on Highway 99 has gone out of business! We went to H-Mart yesterday and I couldn't find rice cakes or red pepper confetti strips (can you believe that?) so we went to Pal-Do which I know carries them... and it was closed down and the whole inside was empty.

    It will be opening again as a new place and will also be a Korean food mart, so we shall see how that works. The various other businesses inside Pal-Do are still active, such as the food court, etc.

    Nice to meet you all!

  6. Hello Everyone!

    Nice to see some Seattle People :D

    I'm Vanessa, I was adopted from Korea when I was a baby - I've never really liked Korean food until now! I've been watching a lot of Kdrama, and the food looked so yummy. I've been a fan of Maangchi for a while now, and I've been making a lot of recipes lately for my husband and I to try. I currently live in the Woodinville area, and I love to shop at the Lynnwood H-Mart... so many good things there!

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