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“Hello from Shanghai!”

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  • started 2 years ago by anniegurumi
  1. Hello everyone! My name is Annie and I moved to Shanghai a couple months ago and I'm excited to try Maangchi's recipes here! If anyone has any tips about Shanghai and where to buy Korean groceries, I would appreciate it. :)

  2. I was just in Shanghai and hangzhou and had the most amazing braised pork dish... I can't find a decent recipe of it in the States (USA)... Do you know how it's made? Recipe recommendation?

    --- just wondering. :)


  3. @annigegurumi you've probably been in Shanghai for a good half a year now and have probably found your way round, but in case you are struggling with buying korean groceries I would recommend that you check any of the international stores out. Citishop, citisuper stock a nice range of import foods including Korean groceries. You can also get basics like gochujjang from places like Metro (it requires membership through a company though unless you happen to have a white friend to bring with you, in which case they'll let you pay even if you don't have membership - I'm not kidding.

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