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    hello, my mom was korean and my dad from states I was born in korea, left korea at 2, i was raised in Guam, at 18 i left Guam and went to O.K to go to college met my husband 33yrs. ago,. the last time i went to korea was in 1972 i went visit my grandmother we were there short time, that was my last time. i have 3 boys and 3 grandkids.

    My mom came to live w/ me in 96 she passed in 2009,when she came here she didn’t want to cook any more so i never learned to cook korean.

    i do not know how to make authentic korean food, but i make it up as i go till i found this web.site.yea.

    My youngest son is getting married in june and wants me to cook korean for the wedding.so i have been looking everywhere for some good recipes.hopefully i could teach my granddaughters about korean food.

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