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    Hello Maangchi!

    Korean food was introduced to me recently by my Korean friend Uni. She told me to try Korean food for my health. I have cancer and Uni thinks the health benefits of Korean food will really help my condition. I hope you can share more vegetable and seafood recipes because I don’t eat meat.

    It’s too bad my friend Uni is going back to Seoul very soon. Uni inspired me to learn more and more about Korean food.

    I really like your site. I’m really interested to learn about Korean food.

    Thank you!

    Miren ♥




    I feel emotional while reading your post. Uni introduced Korean food to you and now she is going back to Korea. You are fighting against cancer. I can imagine how you feel! I hope you get better soon and beat cancer! Me and all of my readers are praying for you!



    Thank you, Maangchi!

    Uni and I promised to keep in touch even when she’s already in Korea.

    I intend to beat cancer so when I’m better, maybe I can visit Uni in Seoul.

    Oh, btw, I made doenjang jiggae today and it was a hit with my family. My parents, like me, haven’t really been completely introduced to Korean food, but the doenjang jiggae was great, even if I slightly overcooked the potatoes. ^_^

    ♥ Miren




    Hello Miren, I too was moved by your short but very impactful introduction. I saw this post a while back and thought that you might find the information useful.

    All the best and be well.




    Hello Miren. I will pray for you even though I’m not a religious person. I will do that from bottom of my heart. No worry.. you will be fine. We are here for you.

    Lots of garlic and green onion but less salt and sugar will improve your health. Cheers!

    Hopefully I can see you here at (Maangchi on Facebook) as well: http://www.facebook.com/maangchi/posts/127936527265115#!/maangchi




    I have heard of the health benefits of kimchi (esp. fermented) and some other Korean foods…

    Have you heard of green smoothies? It is basically fresh greens, fruit, and water. My favourite recipe for beginners: Spinach, frozen mango, and banana with no water.

    They’ve been incredibly healing for me – I have eczema, for my dad who had a stroke, and apparently others with a myriad of other ailments. Google it! Perhaps it is something you may want to try.

    Wishing you health.




    I should add that the smoothies are blended in a blender. I have a Vita-Mix – it is higher-priced, but worth every dollar.

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