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“HELP! I am having rice dough problems!”

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  • started 1 year ago by Katralla
  1. HELP! I am having rice dough problems!
    I have spent the last 24 hours both making rice flour and trying to make rice dough. And it has been a total frailer. I feel completely drained and need some advice.
    First I made the short-grained rice four and that was easy enough. But then when I went to Garaeddeok things went REALLY bad. It was rice soup not dough. I used 2 cups rice flour and 3/4 (that is .75 cup) cup of water and it was not a dough but a soup. So I just added more rice flour. I didn't have a microwave and used a bamboo steamer and then it was too hard so I added water by kneading it in then but some how I ended up with a glomp of super sticky dough that I could not manage. I took a little and added white flour but that looked awful.

    I went go go make Gyungdan and it has the same problem 2 cups of rice flour to 2/3 cup water and it is like rice soup that I could drink with a straw.

    What am I doing wrong here so many people seem to succeed I am at a total loss.


  2. Not sure what went wrong with the garaeddeok (perhaps you didn't let the water drain from the rice long enough before grinding?), but for the gyungdan, i'm thinking you didn't use the right flour for it - you're supposed to use sweet, unsoaked rice that is ground and not regular short grain, soaked rice that is ground.

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