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“help!!!! my hot n spicy rice cake (ddukkbokkie)”

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  • started 3 years ago by sjkyusaranghae
  1. i'm a muslim in malaysia..i wanna try cooking ddukkbokkie my self...but i'm worry about the "halal"ness of the ingredient n the recipe itself...since muslim cannot eat anything which is related to alcohol n pork (even a bit in anyway) please help me^^

    p/s: if u found what the ingredient for ddukkbokkie made of...u can post it here also...

  2. ddukbokkie is just rice flour and water. nothing else.

    leave pork and alcohol ingredients out of the soup and you're ready to go.

  3. You should have no problem with it. Just make sure that your gochjang doesn't have an alcohol added. You could also try the non-spicy version and add red pepper powder to make it spicy if you can't find gochujang without alcohol.

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