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    tonight i attempted to make my first jjajangmyeon and i dont think it came out right

    before making one i’ve only had chapagetti the instant version of it and i havnt tried a real version of it.

    i followed the instructions on this video but i guess i messed up on some parts.

    1. i think i put too much paste because mine came out really dark

    2. the taste was a lot different from what i expected. it didnt taste anything like or better than chapagetti. it was sour which i didnt like.

    im guessing the type of paste i got made it sour. it says on the lable fermented so is that the reason y it came out sour? the brand i got was haioreum.

    if i bought the wrong type of sauce is there anyway i can make something with a fermented blackbean sauce because i dont want it to go to waste. i bought two big tubs of it =/

    any help or advice will be appreciated.



    1. the jjajjang you buy is really concentrated. a tbsp goes a long way, you can add later more if you think it needs it.

    2. if you’ve done it right, the taste will blow you away compared to that instant crap they sell.

    3. you put sugar in?

    4. jjajjang is fermented, if it says 춘장, you bought the right thing.

    check out:

    good luck with that dish. you are lucky since you never had the real deal. you can get real jjajjangmyun only in korea or china. anywhere else on this world, it always comes out behind tastewise… we dont know why



    tnx for the advice!

    i think i did put way to much lol i put 7 tablespoons lolol i fried it like what it says on the video but i wasnt sure what it was suppose to look like. and yes i put sugar but only 1-2 tablespoons.

    i will try again =D hopefully it comes out right hahaha

    tnx again!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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