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  1. Hi, Can anyone plase tell me all the wonderful things that Korean families ( ok women..the men just play and eat and drink) make for Solnal. I want to surprise my hubby as it is our first Solnal as a family...

  2. I think I should explain what seolnal is for those who don't understand Korean language.

    "Seolnal"(설날) is romanized Korean word for New Year's Day.

    As you all know New Year's Day is Jan.1 by Solar calendar.
    But by lunar calendar, New Year's Day falls on a different day every year, but usually falls on someday in February.

    In 2010, Lunar New Year's day is on Feb.14. Year of Tiger!

    My suggestions for New Year's Day food:

    1. rice cake soup:

    2. galbijjim:

    3. japchae

    4. shikhye (rice punch):

    5 daegu jeon (breaded cod fillets)

    6. vegetable side dishes
    soybean sprouts :
    spinach :
    cooked radish :

    7. maejakgwa:

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