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“Hi from a not too warm England!!”

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  • started 4 years ago by michael-in-england
  1. Hi everyone
    i'm Michael from Leeds in England i'm very novice in the kitchen and have only just realised how enjoyable cooking can be! i found Korean cookery when i saw a chef called Judy Joo cooking Korean Fried Chicken on a cookery show in the U.K. Once i managed to source the ingredients i finally got round to making it and now i think i may be hooked!!!
    Now i have stumbled across your website Maangchi i will be soon attempting my second ever Korean dish i'm not sure what to do so have you got any Ideas?? Thanks
    Michael x

  2. Hi Michael from cold UK! Can you get ingredients for Maangchi's recipes? Do you like spicy food?

  3. Hi thanks for replying, i can get some ingredients there a lot of chinese shops that do stock some Korean produce in leeds and yes i love spicy food.

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