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“"Hi" from the little little country, Singapore!!”

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  • started 3 years ago by sugarpunch
  1. Hi everyone!! I have been a huge fan of Korean culture since 2002. And recently, a variety show called Family Outing has introduced me to a whole new world of Korean cuisine (though the food was not the main focus in the show). Anyway, I was desperately hunting for recipes but none seemed really authentic. Plus, I found it hard to get authentic recipes because from what I heard, true Korean cooking does not need measuring equipment! Seriously, respect.

    Loving this website!! :)

  2. Hi sugarpunch,

    I have started my Korean cooking school in Singapore as I realised how much Singaporeans love Korean food. I teach various places including ToTT. Check out my website ( fore Korean recipes and class schedules as well as Korean restaurant reviews in Singapore.


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  3. oh that looks good:) sure, i will go check it out!! thanks:D

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