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“Hi from Virginia!”

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  1. Hi! My name is Lynn. I have been watching Maangchi's YouTube channel for a while now.

    I watch her making Korean food more than I make it myself. The reason for that is because I couldn't find the grocery items I needed.

    However, I am happy to say I found a Korean grocer locally. Items are a little pricey, but I can make stuff from time to time. :)

    I found Mung Bean Starch so I am going to make myself some Mung Bean Jelly.

    The only dish I have made so far (and is a favorite) is Bulgogi. :)

  2. I hope your mungbean jelly turned out delicious!

  3. Hi Lynn~
    Where are you located?? If you are around Midlothian There is Youngbin Kwan. There are two others, although I'm not sure exactly where they are. I can ask my husband.
    Also, there is an H mart, or another big Korean market like that in NoVa/Washington DC. you can find ANYTHING you need there!

  4. Hi Mrseum,

    I live in Richmond. Yes, Youngbin Kwan is the Korean grocer at which I found my mung bean starch.

    I was intimidated to visit. I don't think many non Koreans visit the store.

    I have yet to eat at the restaurant since they re-located to the former location of Red Lobster. I plan to go soon.

    I have gone to the other Korean restaurant nearby. I got my food to go because I was too shy to eat inside.

    I know, that must sound lame. However, I think the majority of their customers are Koreans. They seemed surprised to see me there.

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