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“Hi guys, new fan of maangchi's ^_^”

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  • started 4 years ago by vixen_ivy88
  1. Hi guys, I'm Becky, and I have been studying the korean language on and off for about a year, but I have also been trying to cook korean food. My boyfriend and I looove my mandu, and I have been looking all over for easy recipes to these dishes I really wanna try. My mom got me a book that made about as much sense as me slamming my head in a wall to make cereal. Soooo here I am!

  2. Hi Becky


    Thought I would suggest a few extra easy recipes...

    1. Ddukbokkie

    2. Ojinguh-bokkeum

    3. Dakjuk

    Now 1 & 2 are spicy... but all are easier then pie. check out Maangchi's videos and you will have no problem.

    Maangchi Rocks ..... Please Watermelon Soju

  3. oooh must try, and watermelon soju sounds like a massively addictive drink. MUST HAVE IT!!

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