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“hodo gwaja (sp?)”

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  • started 4 years ago by xxblownaway
  1. i dont know if i spelled it right or if that's even the right name. theyre made in kyung-ju, south korea...theyre these balls of dough with red bean filling and walnuts. so good!
    also, there's this other kind of thing that's very similar that is made in kyung-ju. theyre round, with indented craters in the middle, with red bean filling as well. theyre very dense. something king bread. i really have no idea, just that i LOVE them.
    also, i loved those cream puffs at the paris baguette, or at any korean bakery they can be found there.
    and at kimbap chungook i would always order this soup i think it's called keum tang or geum tang. something like that! if i totally didn't get that right...then it's this soup with beef and clear noodles and the soup is white and they give u some hot pepper paste on the side so you can add it as an option.
    sorry i dont know the names of any of these.

  2. Hodo kwaja?

    I don't know how to make them. I just know how to post YouTube videos of other people making them.

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