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“Hot pepper paste (gochujang)”

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  • started 5 years ago by jenny
  1. I would like to kow what else can I cook with gochujang?

  2. What have you tried making? Kochujang is a very versitile ingredient, marinades, dipping sauces, in soups and salads, what have you tried it with? The question is very open. It tastes good with pork (really good).

    Try mixing with minced garlic, minced scallion, a little sesame oil, sesame seeds, and either salt or a few drops of soy sauce and dip crudites in it, especially cucumbers. Mix a little rice wine vinegar to that and use as a salad dressing with romaine.

    Think outside the box-use it in place of bottled hot sauce, its a little sweeter, but try it with wings.

    I just take a spoonful on a dish and dip jalapenos in it when I have rice and any protein. Taste it by itself and then be creative!

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