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“how long can you keep kimchi in the refridgerator?”

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  • started 2 years ago by hellokitty08
  1. I've bought two big jars and finished one but the second jar seems to taste really sour. Does this mean I should throw it away? or is it just fermented too much?

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  3. Don't Throw it!
    just use it for Kimchi jiggae or Kimchi jeon, hehehe

  4. kimchi jigae it is then! because it tastes way too sour to eat just out from the jar.

  5. HAllo,
    About 1 month ago, i made kimchi, i ate it everyday as my side dish. Yesterday, i also ate the kimchi, badly enough i tasted strange taste of gas. Didnt really tasted good. I was affraid that it may not good anymore so threw it away.

    How long can you keep in refrigerator then? When i put them at the first time i didnt smell anything strange, gradually, everytime i opened my refrigerator, i started to smell something strong from the kimchi.

    Please some advise.

    Greating from Holland,


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