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“How to cook mixed grain rice”

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  • started 3 years ago by chainik
  1. I have a bag of 해태 brand "Premium Mixed Grain" rice and I'm not sure how to cook it. The recipes I can find online assume you're mixing your own, and have you soak/cook the white rice for a shorter time. This bag has the white rice already mixed in.

    How should I cook it on the stove top?

    (Ingredients: sweet rice, wild sweet rice, barley, brown rice, sweet brown rice.)

  2. I'd like to bump this up to the top because I'm also curious.

    In fact, Maangchi, can you make a video on how to make mixed rice from scratch? I had a version at my local Korean restaurant and it was purplish in color due to one of the grains! Very interesting appearance and it was delicious too.

  3. Check this out, please.
    You will have to soak them for a couple of hours before cooking.

    Black sweet rice will make rice a little purple.

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