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“How to cook side dish with Dried Sesame seed leaf”

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  • started 4 years ago by Vita
  1. Hi all,
    This is Vita from Brisbane Australia, like everyone who viewing this website, I am a huge fun of Korean food. Truly found Korean cooking are so easy to create and can satisfied all my taste.
    Recently, I bought a pack of dried sesame seed leaf from a local Korean market and tried to create a side dish by doing the following steps:
    1 Soaked in water for few hours(3 hours)
    2 Fry it for few mins
    3 Mixed with garlic, sesame oil, suger, soy sauce and Sesame seed
    I thought it would like the right thing to do, however, it turned a disaster.
    The leaf was so dry, bitter and take a long to chew and hard to swallow it.
    If anyone who had any experience with dried sesame seed leaf side dish cooking, pls. kindly advise me what will be a correct way to prepare it.
    Thank you in advance
    Warm regards

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