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“how to make altang jigae....”

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  • started 4 years ago by zazarini
  1. hello maangchi...
    I had a dinner in korean restaurant in Perth last June..
    i was attracted to one of the course..'altang jigae' or fish pollock soup..the soup was spicy and yummy..i request on the recipe..i hope u can help me as u cook delicious korean dishes.. thank you..

  2. zazarini, This one is made with snapper and you might enjoy it.

  3. Thank u powerplantop..the recipe looks good..
    i'll try that =)

  4. Thank you Powerplantop for referring the recipe for zazarini.
    Altang recipe is simliar to maeuntang recipe, but a little different.
    I will post the recipe someday. Thank you!

  5. Thanks Maangchi =) All the best to you!

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