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“how to make ddukbokkie rice cake from scratch”

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  1. hi, do u know how to make the fresh rice cake for ddukbokkie?

  2. I'd like to know too so if someone knows how, please reply!

  3. Hi,

    I have been passing by Your website many times and I am so happy that I found your website..thanks for all the recipies ..

    I registered today only to give you this to make dduk from scratch..

    However, I only have the Korean version of it now. I asked a friend of mine to translate it.. i will post it in short.
    anyway, i figured Maanchi You are korean and could be in use of this recipe...

    # 초간단 떡 만드는 방법

    1. 찹쌀가루와 사이다(Korean sprite)를 1:1로 넣고 소금을 약간 넣어 약 1분간 섞어 줍니다
    2. 반죽에 랩(wrap)을 씌운뒤 이쑤시개로 랩에 구멍을 뽕뽕 뚫어줍니다(안그러면 터질 수도 있답니다.)
    3. 전자레인지(Microwave)에 넣고 3-4분간 돌려주면 떡반죽이 완성됩니다
    4. 랩을 열고 손에 (혹은 1회용 비닐장갑을 착용하고) 약간의 참기름을 묻혀 원하는 모양으로 만든 뒤 각종 고물을 묻혀 드시면 됩니다
    # 반죽에 인스탄트 커피가루를 넣으면 커피맛떡, 사이다 대신 파인애플쥬스를 넣으면 파인애플맛 떡이 됩니다.

  4. Hi all, this is a english translation of it.

    Maangchi, do u think that it is suitable to use as dduk in duuk bok ki?

    # How to make Super Simple ricecake!!
    1. Put grinded sticky rice and sweet soda (like Sprite) together into a bowl and stir them about 1 minute. Add a little salt.
    2. After wrapping the dough, make several holes with toothpick. (otherwise, it would explode)
    3. Put it into a microwave and operate it for 3~4 min. The dough would be completed.
    4. Remove the wrap, put some sesame oil on your hands (or using disposable gloves), make a shape into a small piece, or as u want, and cover the rice cake with soybean crumbles.

  5. so...could you use this for making spicy rice cake?
    (sorry if that sounds like a stupid question...)

  6. Check out the recipe from this site (includes pictures and video to make sure you're doing it right):

  7. I just uploaded the recipe for Garaeddeok! You can make ddeokbokki and ddeokguk (rice cake soup) with your own homemade rice cake now.

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