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    I am not going to shoot a horror movie, it’s just that I was tired of the cheap knives I had so far, so I decided for luxury this time.
    I was watching a cuisine programme on a swiss tv and I saw a very nice knife, did a bit of research and finally went to a shop today.
    I bought the japanese Global GF-32, very very nice, I still have to put it to the test, so I hope I can keep you updated very soon.
    It’s not exactly cheap (104 euro = 155 US dollars) but it was a sort of gift to myself.
    Here’s a pic of it directly from the website:

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    1. large_GF-32


    globals are kick ass… you can definitely show those around. i will never understand the people who are buying their knives at ikea in bulk…



    i want a global too! is it good to use? i bought a kyocera ceramic knife and i love it!



    I just chopped some onion and some bacon so far, but it cuts very very well.

    Compared to the previous knife, onion was like butter with this one.

    Bacon has fibres, so it can’t feel like butter under the blade but still it was very comfortable and easy to cut!



    =) Thanks for the update Andrea! I’m getting the GS37 instead. I checked yours and it’s a really big knife. I myself prefer a smaller knife between 5-6 inches. and i wanted a knife with ‘holes’ in it as well.. haha

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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