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“I crave DakGalbi ! Pleeease post a recipe XD XD”

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  • started 4 years ago by aim
  1. Hehe~ hi Maangchi and fellow food lovers~

    I recently bought myself an electric pan that you can put on the table and eat from... Unfortunately there's no DakGalbi recipe here (my fav cooking site btw)! Can someone post one? :)

    Muuuuch appreciated! :D

    aim ^^

    ps: Ah btw... for all non-American people ... that do not use those cups, a conversion to ml/g would be helpful I think... I got a set of cups from a friend now, but still ;D

  2. This was when I was in HongDae/Seoul in 2007:

  3. yes, someday in the future, I will post the recipe. Thank you very much for your interest in my recipes! This recipe was requested by my other readers,too.

  4. My dakgalbi recipe was posted today! Thank you for your patience!

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