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“I have arrived in Heaven finding your Website.”

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  1. Hi!

    My name is Yvonne, and I have been a Korean Food freak for more than 20 years. I had a Korean friend that taught me how to feed my family of 3 on $60 a month in the 70's with a minimum of Korean marinades. I loved going to her house and watching her make kimchi. The smell of rice cooking in her steamer use to make my mouth water. I never bought rice in a regular grocery again. Lately tho I did change to brown rice. I go to Korean Way in Manhattan and buy already prepared foods and my favorite, Oyster Kimchi. I really would like to learn how to make those dishes I buy. I just picked up dried radish, and I am going to make it for the first time in years. I said to myself, I gotta learn how to really make these foods. Then I found your website. I am in heaven. Thank you for being an answer to prayer.


  2. Yvonne, I'd love to hear more about that friendship and your Korean food journey. Was there a Korean grocery at that time back in the 70's? What was your very first Korean food exposure like?

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