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    Inspired by Ms. Maangchi, I embarked on a search for a recipe for jahngjohreem. It is the ultimate Korean comfort food. It is a form of salt preserving beef with soy sauce, I think, but has evolved into a kind of signature side dish that is never seen in restaurants except for the really good ones, and typically never unless to complement a dish like jook (with abalone, yum).

    I remember I would rate Korean mother's by their cooking abilities and in particular with several index dishes. The first is kimchi, which hardly anybody makes at home any more, and the other was jahngjohreem.

    My dad had a downloaded video from a Korean cooking show whose recipe I followed (picture attached), but I would be curious to see Maangchi's spin on this staple.




    BTW, I am cooking this outside on our grill because it does stink up the house like many full contact Korean foods will do.



    Thanks powerplantop -the problem with searching is the spelling. you can stick to standards or spell it how it’s pronounced -and they aren’t always the same. I will have to try it!


    I know what you mean. I search the net for Korean food recipes and it is hard to find them.



    If you like to know some recipes you are looking for are posted or not on my website, check “recipes by category” in the recipe section. Jangjorim is made of beef, so you can click beef, then you will see all the recipes made of beef. The small thumbnail photos will help you find it easily.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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