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  • started 5 months ago by gabsoo
  1. Hi my name is gabsoo , im a cooking lovers, i make kimchi since im just 12 y.o
    now im already 19 y.o
    Anybody live at Jakarta?
    Lets have a meeting and try to cook together
    Have a nice day

    Gabsoo Wang

    안녕하세요 저 이름은 왕갑수라고합니다 , 요리 너무 좋아해요 , 12살때부터 김치 만들수있어요. 지금 제가 19살입니다
    혹시 자카르타 계시있는분 있습니까?
    한번 뵈면 좋겠네요, 같이도 요리하시고
    좋은 하루 보내세용


  2. No one from Jakarta?

  3. Hi, Gabsoo!

    I'm an ajumma who live in Surabaya but I would love to get together and cook with you when I go to Jakarta. My father lives in Jakarta and I usually go visit him every 3 months with my kids ( 15 y.o girl and 9y.o boy)

    Maybe your mom and I can compare notes on different recipes.

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