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“kabocha tteok recipe”

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  1. Hello, I have had this two times. I like it a lot!
    Does anyone have a recipe?

    The one I had I bought when I was in San Diego at Zion Market.
    It looked similar to this one I found on the net

  2. I made this with a Korean recipe online since no one knows how.
    I thought I would share my results.

    I bought frozen rice flour like what Maangchi used in her video for three colored rice cake.
    I used the little green squash that looks like the acron squash..but flatter.
    This was my first time making it, so I basically winged it.
    I used some sugar, I didn't measure, probably about 1/4th cup. It didn't turn out as sweet as I liked (Not sweet at all) so you can add more sugar.
    I washed and scraped out the seeds of the squash, then steamed it until soft. Spooned out the insides and set it into a bowl..
    I think you'll only need about half of a good sized one.
    I used too much and my flour became too hard to sift through.
    I thought at this point I didnd't need extra water, but the recipe I used called for two table spoons. I recommend adding the water after the squash and rubbing them with your hands. Then once more in the sifter, straight into the spring form pan. I steamed for about 20 minutes, more than the recipe called for (10 minutes).
    Since this was my first attempt it came out decent.
    Like I said, I used too much squash and lessed the water..I think that's why mine came out a bit dry on the bottom.
    I'll try this again and post a more accurate recipe if anyone wants.

    What you need-

    Frozen Rice Flour
    A steamer, and a pan of some sort.


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