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“Kaenip, perilla leaves”

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  • started 5 years ago by tnrose
  1. Hi powerplantop,

    After seeing the pictures of your plant, I'm motivated to grow one in a pot. Do you leave it outside or indoor? Thanks.

  2. Hi Jamie,
    I am growing my sesame leaves outdoors, but I live in southern Louisiana. They are doing really well. The last week we had a ton of rain and I was worried about them, but they seemed to thrive with all of the extra water. They also grew very quickly compared to some of the other plants I am growing. Hope this helps.

    On an unrelated note, I am wondering if I need to prune my plants to keep them growing wide. They are growing tall, and I have been harvesting the larger leaves to make sure they keep producing. I would like them to be fat and full instead of tall and lanky. Any suggestions?

  3. I should have also mentioned that they are in pots. Two are in a 2ft X 1ft stone trough, and two are in pots. I recently re-potted the two single plants into larger pots because I want them to grow bigger. They were in the smaller pots for a good while and did fine.

  4. Haha! One of my Korean friends call 깻잎 because it is so vigorous! I just put mine in and they survived an 84° scorcher that burned some of my other plants!

  5. Haha! She calls it a "weed"!

  6. My 깻잎 (kkatnip) aka Perilla along with some Rao Ram aka Vietnamese Coriander and Swiss Chard.


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