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    I would like to find out what to do with over fermented kaktugi. It has gone very sour.Can I make stew similar to kimchi stew with it? Also I have come across green onion which has been fermented in a paste similar to kimchi paste. Is this a type of kimchi? What is it called? How do you make it? Would appreciate to know more.



    you could put them in kimchi-jjigae. personally, i hate it when i find cooked kaktugi in my stew. must be something from my childhood, but i remember it very unappealing for me.

    my mom soakes them in water until the water doesn’t turn yellow any more, but i never tried it.

    my aunt told me, thats what the after-war-generation does to not waste any kimchi.

    do you mean kimchi made from green onions? you can kimchi-fy every root-vegetable or cabbage…



    I used to make katugi stew with very sour katugi (cubed radish kimchi). Rinse it in cold water and put it in a pot. Then add some water, sliced onion, garlic, dried anchovies (again! : ) ), and ! and!

    ooh, secret ingredient! add some soy bean paste and cook it.

    Actually I miss the taste at the moment!

    For some reason soy bean paste decreases the sourness of kimchi. Let me know how you like the method!



    Thank you for yor replies. Maangchi, I will be trying out the kaktugi stew recipe in the next few days but just reading the method makes me imagine that it will be delicious as it has soy bean paste in it. My family loves doejang jigae ( I actually like it better than kimchi jigae).

    Will let you know.



    Hmm making this kaktugi stew tonight…! It sounds yummy and my kaktugi is a bit too sour for me to eat like that (reminds me, I need to make more kimchi/kaktugi/oisobagi kimchi…)



    I hope you like your kkaktugi stew! : ) Let me know how you like it.



    Yeah sirdanilot, please make a picture.

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