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“Pickled Beef and Pickled onions/garlic”

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  1. Maangchi, I have two recipe requests for you!

    Can you make a side dish, I don't know the Korean name, but it is pickled beef. My mom used to make it for me. I know you boil brisket beef in soy sauce for a long time, and the meat shrinks. She used to put it in my lunchbox everyday. It is one of my favorite side dishes.

    Another side dish she used to make was a pickled garlic/onion. I don't know what is in it, but she would make a big batch and put it in a jar, and it looked like garlic and onion were in a soy sauce/vinegar mixture.

    Thank you so much!

  2. Hi!
    The first dish sounds like Jangjorim!

    and pickled garlic/onion recipe is included in the list of my upcoming recipes. Thank you!

  3. Maangchi,
    I was in Korea two months ago and was served pickled sliced onions. It was a good complement to grilled bbq. On my way home, Korean airlines served the same side dish. can you please post a recipe for this delicious side dish.

    Thank you mucho, mucho.

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