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“Kale Salad”

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  • started 3 years ago by Cookingmom
  1. I modified a favorite Korean spinach side dish and changed it to kale because I like the chewy texture and the flavor of this salad especially when added to udon or just as a topping for rice...I call it my Savory Iron Fix.

    Blanched Kale, about 3 minutes in boiling water then ice bath. Squeeze water out in handfuls then chop.
    Add to chopped scallion, sesame seeds, chopped fresh garlic, 1 tsp sugar, cayenne pepper, and sesame oil and salt to taste....Yum

  2. Hey Cooking mom! Great modification of an already great recipe. You do the same thing I do. For many years I used to pester my mom to "tell" me recipes, but she never was very good at it. Eventually, I guessed at it. And then I arrived at my own conclusion: Make Korean food by using the ingredients I have access to. Cooking Korean doesn't just have to be specific recipes, but cooking "Korean style" as well, using Korean seasonings and cooking methods. Like you I am a fan of Kale, and though I haven't yet done it, I also thought to make this modification.... Kudos!

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