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“Kampongi (Sweet+Spicy Chicken)”

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  • started 5 years ago by SpicyHunan
  1. Hello Maangchi, Love your video and recipes. I am just curious if you can show us the recipe of Kampongi. If you can make a video for it would even better. Kampongi is a sorta deep fried chicken dish I suppose. However, it does not seem to be a common Korean dish but it tastes really really good. I've tried many Korean food places in the US and Canada. So far I've only found 3 restaurants have this dish. And all three restaurants have very different ways making the same dish. One place deep fries chicken drums. Two places deep fry small chunks of chicken meat. Nevertheless the chicken seem to be deep fried. Thanks a million...

  2. Hi, check this out:

    I love the kkan poong ghee, too! Yes, I will post the recipe later. Thank you!

  3. Yeah the place near my house has this. It's my favorite. They're are the Korean version of BBQ Buffalo wings, except they have the rich spicy korean sauce.

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