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  1. Good day to all: I am an avid fan of maangchi...why? Maangchi eases the burden of preparing dishes for my family. I'm not fond of eating korean dishes before and I thought it's too difficult to prepare these dishes. But when I saw some of the videos (김치, 부추전,etc.)I enjoy cooking a lot.
    The saddest part is that my 5-year old kid is not fond of eating spicy food...I used to cut kimchi into small pieces and mix it to his rice so that he won't see it...but when he tasted it, he got mad. Not only spicy food but vegetables as well. SO dear readers, especially to Ms. Maangchi, can you please give me more kiddie recipes? Thank you SOOOO much.

  2. These are some recipe your kid would like^_^~

    Serve with rice and I'm sure your kid will love it! :)

  3. Alex,
    I don't know how much thank you for your time and effort!
    All the dishes you choose are really good choice!

  4. Thank you So much koralex90 for posting some recipes...if you have more recipes in mind, please let me know...By the way, my kid doesn't like to eat meat...only fish. Thank you again.

  5. oh, your kid likes fish? How about grilled mackerel?

    Check this comment made by my another readers. She says her daughter loves it.

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