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    Hi everyone, wondering what Korean food is best to feed kids, particularly to introduce toddlers to Korean food…(FYI: my toddler doesn’t eat meat (not really sure why not, hopefully it’s just a phase, and I’m deathly allergic to shellfish :( Any help would be greatly appreciated!



    How about gamjajorim (sauteed potato) ? Most children like the side dish.

    And check out the recipes for vegetarians on my website, too.



    I have a grandson who would not eat meat if it is not put through the food processor and mixed in with potatoes and vegetables (also pulsed in the food processor) and made easy to eat. He is two and half now and eats chicken and other meats that are tender and chopped up finely. When his parents give him a big piece of meat and don’t chop it up finely, then the meat ends up being fed to the dog!



    Definitely the egg side dish – everyone loves it:



    I asked this very same question a few years ago. My 3 kids are now 4 (twin daughters) and 2. These are the foods that I would suggest and the ones with an * are recipes available at this site.

    seaweed soup* (I make it with beef, but my 2 year old usually skips it)

    beef radish soup* (posted with maangchi’s oi sobaegi recipe)

    any kind of porridge (pine nut, abalone*…)

    kimchi fried rice (I started by rinsing off the kimchi and then making it, but now my kids all eat the regular spicy version)


    kal guk su (knife cut noodles–broth tastes very similar to sujebi)

    doenjang chigae* (we also have miso soup frequently)

    doenjang guk*

    Korean vegetable pancakes/jeon*


    dakjuk chicken porridge*


    and for side dishes

    soybean sprout side dish*

    spinach side dish*

    kong jang*

    kosari namul* (fern bracken-with bibimbap recipe)

    kim (roasted seaweed–I make my own roasted parae kim too–even better)

    cold cucumber soup* (oi naengguk and my kids love miyuk naengguk too)

    mak kimchi* (start off by rinsing it off or making nabak kimchi or other water kimchi if your toddler finds it too spicy)

    tofu side dishes*

    stirfried dried anchovy dish*

    Plus the dishes maangchi and others have mentioned are great. My 2 year old eats spicy food better than my 4 year old daughters and he goes crazy for kimchi. My kids all like sundubu chigae and I would have thought it is too spicy. My son is like your toddler and was not into meat until recently. In fact, all of my kids were like that. I think it is the texture and the difficulty to chew it. My kids all love tofu. Any of these dishes that are hard to chew can be cut up into small pieces. I gave my kids rinsed off kimchi cut up into very small pieces from at least 12 months on. You will be surprised at what kids will eat–every kid I know who has tried the dried anchovy dish has loved it.



    Thank you everyone for your responses! They are very helpful. Good suggestion about rinsing off the kimchi first. I can’t wait to start trying the recipes!

    PS. I made Maangchi’s LA Galbi the other day. It was AMAZING, but I think next time I’m going to try her suggestion to substitute sirloin for the meat; my korean grocer sells the LA cut, but the quality of the meat was not very good, and cut a lot thicker than how I remember it in Korea. But I did find pirella leaves, which I hadn’t had in years, and I was almost in tears it was so delicious :)



    I also had suggestions that I posted to “how many banchans do you keep on hand”.



    I made gamjajorim for my toddler tonight. It was a huge success! My husband and I enjoyed it, too. It’s a new favorite for our family.



    jjangmyong, ddeokbokki and ramyeon are some of the faves of Korean kids. They seem to like eomuk a lot too. When my nephew gets older, that’s what I’m gonna prepare for him first cause every kid in Korea loves them.

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