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    hi, been following and cooking from your videos and books, you had a kimchi recipe that used Korean Pear and apple in the sauce??? was that you? it was almost a year ago+ before the cook book. I made that recipe and everyone went crazy for it, neighbors and friends, I thought I had written it out, if I did, I can no longer find it, then I was in a bad car accident and now.. I can no longer find it and would love to make it again. I just made a batch from the cook book to hold the Kimchi cravings away and to make Kimchi Fried Rice and some Kimchi soup. TIA.



    I’ve just made my first kimchi so I’m no expert… I was sure I saw the recipe with the pears and apples on Maanchi’s website too, but a few days later I couldn’t find it! I went ahead anyway, just substituted the rice flour porridge with two smallish ripe sweet pears and two small red apples which I cored, peeled and blended. I then left out the sugar in the recipe. Follow everything else in Maangchi’s Mak Kimchi recipe and it should be great!



    @Edelweiss, that recipe was so delicious, it just added something else to the Kimchi. The recipe still called for the porridge though. I wish she would post that recipe again. I made 10 pounds of cabbage kimchi that way and everyone I gave it to, including the clerks at my local Asian Market said it was very good. All my friends loved it. I made a new batch with the new recipe and I find it a little more sour/hot. than I like it to be.

    By the way if you remember the recipe, let me know. I think she had added 1/2 an Asian/Korean Pear and 1/2 an apple to the food processor. lol

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