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    Him, I’m new here. I’ve made kimchi for many times already now, and I just made a new batch of kimchi at my cousin’s. The problem is that, is it possible to store the kimchi in the room temperature instead of getting in refrigerated. I’m very positive that my cousin won’t let me store my kimchi in his refrigerator cause he once visited my house and when he opened my refrigator, he got bombarded by the kimchi smell. Will my kimchi go bad easily and faster in room temperature? I really need an answer for this, cause I heard kimchi will take 7 days to ripe completely. And I only have four days left! What should I do? T.T


    Heng Yin

    When I made kimchi last time, I left it at the room temperature about 6 days to let it fermented faster because I want my kimchi to be ripen asap. so I think there is no problem to leave it at the room temperature if you don’t mind your kimchi to be ripen faster as long as it is not that long? just sharing my own experience, hope it can help you :)



    Yes, it was very helpful ^^. For now, I’ve made my own cooler using styrofoam, so my cousin and I don’t have to fight for the fridge kkk

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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