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“Kimchi substitutions”

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  • started 2 months ago by Kimchicrow
  1. Today I made my kimchi using one large napa cabbage all cut up (salted, pressed under water for 2hours then drained and squeezed out) with thin slices of 3 regular red radishs; 3 scallions; small red, yellow and orange bell peppers; half of a yellow onion; and one large basil leaf. For my paste I used two and a half tablespoons of Sun Luck Cantonese Oyster Flavored Sauce; three tablespoons of Tuong Ot Toi Viet-nam Chili Garlic Sauce; a teaspoon of horseradish; a tablespoon of minced garlic; a pinch of granulated garlic; a teaspoon of powdered ginger and in place of the sugar and minced ginger, I added two tablespoons of a pear ginger jam that I had kicking around. I am always totally amazed at how all of that fits into a 32 fl oz jar when pressed down! Now it is sitting out on our porch doing it's thing for a few days.

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