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    hello maangchi!!! i need your help to determain these two sauces. actually i am a moslem, and according to my religion, we can’t consume any food that contains alcohol.

    the problem is, i already bought 2 big containers of kochujang and doenjang. and there is no exact explanation written there. i’m afraid it’s true that they are alcoholic. hope you can help me..

    정말 고마워!! ^^



    Some brands do contain small amounts of ethyl alcohol as a preservative. For example, the Haechandle brand of gochujang and the doenjang from Singsong Food Corporation that I have both have alcohol in them. (These are Korea-to-America exports; different brands may be available in Indonesia and ingredients may also vary.)

    As for determining whether the items that you have contain alcohol, you may have to post pictures of their lables and someone fluent in Korean would have to help you further.



    Deonjang is a Korean version of (Japanese) miso, which was originally the dregs of soy sauce fermentation. It’s just soybeans, wheat, salt, and the friendly fermentation bacteria. Kochujang is deonjang with red pepper powder added to it. Alcohol is present in any fermented product, including yogurt and uncooked bread dough, as it’s a chemical by-product of fermentation. Alcohol is in extremely trace amounts–any fermentation creates alcohol, including the Indonesian food tempeh. It is not alcholic per se in an amount which could intoxicate. The same is true of ethyl alcohol used as a preserving agent. Good luck and bon appétit!



    nearly every food you buy today contains alcohol. especially staple foods like bread, nearly every condiment and soda. even some helal-food contain some alcohol, it is unavoidable.



    Thank you all



    hi all,

    ciahjunhee, i borrow your thread ok ;)

    somebody pls help me to list down the ingredient of the soybean paste, hot pepper paste and hot pepper flakes as in the picture. hope you guy can see the picture clearly.

    my concern same as ciahjunhee, i'm moslem and i can't consume certain ingredient.

    pls help and many thanks in advance.



    Hi Rini

    Great job in these pictures

    I hope we got the answer soon

    & Thanks a lot for anyone who could help here ;-D




    I get the answer already about whether this items as per picture, contain any alcohol or not.

    According to others Korean blogger that help me to translate the ingredient list, these 2 items are containing alcohol base on the label and brand. Others brand, I don’t know.

    Hope this will help.



    Doesn’t alcohol vaporize when you cook the food ?



    I recently buy doenjang from store. And my doenjang i bought contains alcohol. Hiks..
    Now i dont know what to do to my doenjang.. T_T

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