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“Figured out my question”

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  1. Sorry! I had a question but figured it out myself. I can't figure out how to delete my post though :(

  2. It's beautiful, is beautiful, it's wonderful! House MDhouse md dvd is probably, hands down, the best drama on television this time. And certainlygrey's anatomya heck of a lot better than Grey's Anatomy andsmallville dvdScrubs (not even me started on that show ...)! Hugh Laurie,walt disney dvdplaying Dr. Gregory House is a phenomenal actor, not just a drama like House MD, but in my own British comedy bits as well (See: Bit Fry and Laurie). Yes, he is English. I know that does not show accents. Cool, eh? This shows how talented he is! I 24 hours dvdnever knew a man could be considered more clean-shaven stubble, but the big baby-blue eyes and tan skin just does not seem right to completely shaved. He's terribly nice man. House of sarcasm and wit to keep you watching, smiling, even laughing. He charming and seductive ... Who could ask for more?

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