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    Located in one of Leipzigs many Passages it isn’t easy to find, but it’s Leipzig only korean restaurant. It is opened for lunch hours and then again for dinner. Prices range from 4€ for kimchi salad to 15€ for one portion of bulgogi.

    The interior is a bit cold and uncomfy, but the service and the food make up for it more than enough.

    I’ve had bulgogi and it was fantastic. Same goes for the other dishes that my dinner companions enjoyed. The kimchi is fresh and spicy. Since it was my first time ever I can’t say if it was good or not. But I liked it even thought it was a bit to hot/spicy for me.

    All in all, I can recommend the Korea Restaurant Kim and not only because of the cute waiter. ;-)



    The “Korea Restaurant Kim” is not the only one in Leipzig. There are at least three. Actually, I didn’t like it, because the waitress was not Korean but Thai or something similar not knowing anything about Korean food. I missed all the typical noodle dishes and I found that the menu seemed quite Chinese apart from Bibimbap, Bulgogi and some dishes with Kimchi.

    I find that “Tobagi” in Leipzig, “Maru” in Dresden and “Mr. Lee” near Frankfurt/Main station or the one in Adalbertstrasse in Frankfurt are authentic and good Korean restaurants. Anyway, in and around Frankfurt are really a lot of Korean restaurants. I was told that the Koreans from Hyundai Frankfurt prefer the expensive restaurants around and not in the centre of Frankfurt.

    However, I can speak only for cities I go frequently. I read also about good Korean restaurants in Berlin.

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