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“Korean BBQ is awesome!”

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  • started 5 months ago by ddnorman
  1. Last weekend we met some friends at HMart in Burlington, MA. After enjoying lunch at the food court, we went shopping. My sister-in-law who had never been to HMart was amazed especially by the produce, meat and seafood selections. I picked up some samgyeopsal and beef and we had KBBQ that evening! Here's the menu:
    - 막 불고기 (Easy Bulgogi)
    - 삼겹살구이 (Grilled marinated pork belly)
    - 매운 무국 (Spicy beef and radish soup)
    - 콩나물 무침 (Soybean sprouts side dish)
    - 배추 김치 & 깍두기 (Napa cabbage kimchi and radish kimchi)
    - 밥 ( rice)

    집에서 만든 막걸리 (chef's treat - see BBQ pic upper right) / homemade rice wine

    All recipes from http//


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  2. Wow, what a feast!!!

  3. Hi Abraham!

    Thanks! I'm always surprised how easy Maangchi's recipes are and how delicious they always turn out to be! Let me tell didn't last very long!


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