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    i was wondering wat kind of black brand rice u use? nd how u cook it.



    Hi I saw this and thought I’d chime in, I’m not sure what the brand is (I just get it at the Asian supermarket in the rice section, in Korean it usually says 흙미). If you buy this, you use 1.5 cup white rice to .5 cup black rice and cook like you cook normal rice in terms of water-rice ratio, time, etc (I think this ratio is important for texture or something?)



    Funny! I literally have black rice in my shopping bag now from the Korean supermarket in Overijse (Belgium). Is black rice prepared to serve as an alternative to white or brown rice? Curious because I only saw it served in Taiwan with sugar and small red jujubes as a dessert. I was about to request a recipe for it. Maanghi, food for thought :)



    I was wondering if i can make this in a regular rice cooker. I don’t have one of those fancy smancy pressure cookers ^^!~

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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