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“Korean bread filled with red bean paste?”

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  • started 11 months ago by Krynauw Otto
  1. When I was at the Korean grocery store,they had like a little bakery that sold these little buns with red bean paste stuffing. What is it called and does anybody have a recipe?

  2. Krynauw,

    At the HMart Korean market here in Burlington, Massachusetts USA they have a food court and a bakery. The bakery is called "Tous Le Jours" and they have those pastries along with many others. They make some awesome cakes too. The call them simply "Red Bean Bun". Whenever I get the chance I get them or beg my friends to bring me back some.


  3. Hi Dave,
    Thanks for the reply!

  4. they're called manju and can vary greatly in texture, taste, and appearance. in hawaii we have a lot of fusion foods and i like modern versions of manju better than traditional.

  5. Krynauw,

    You may have seen this already but Maangchi has a recipe for these:

    Also, elsewhere on the site is the recipe for sweet red bean paste.


  6. Dave,
    I appreciate it, thanks!

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