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“Korean Cauldron?”

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  • started 3 years ago by Kelly_G
  1. Hello Everyone,

    At the Asian market I saw a "Korean Cauldron." I'm having difficulty finding information on this item - what's usually cooked in it, how to use it, cleaning it, etc.

    Any information or suggestions on where to look would be greatly appreciated.



  2. Are talking about a Shinseollo

    You can see a picture here

  3. Hello Powerplantop,

    No, that's not what it looked like. It was a short, shallow bowl, very bottom heavy, black in color and I'm uncertain what material it was made from, perhaps iron or stone. It had a lid with a circular shape on top where a knob would normally be. I had the impression you would put it in an oven or on top of the stove.

    Thanks for responding to my post. Hopefully we can figure it out.

    Take care.


  4. In Korean cooking they do have stone and iron type pots / bowls. Stone are the most common but in old style cooking iron is common. Oly style rice is cooked in an iron pot over a wood/charcoal fire. This fire could also be used to heat a room or two of the house.

  5. Here is an example of a korean cauldron.

    Versatile for all kinds of cookings, but it is the best idea for steaming rice if you are looking for tasty steamed rice.

    This traditional Korean potv (Cauldron, Caldron) is widely used for steaming rice, steaming vegetable and so on. Its shape and construction has been developed through long years for better performance. Most of all, it is the best idea for steaming rice if you are already looking for tasty steamed rice.
    Its cast aluminum body guarantees optimum heat distribution and marble coating finish surface is resistant to even metal utensils. Dishwasher safe. Made in Korea


    1. Traditional_Korean_Pot_Cauldron_Caldro.jpg (56.4 KB, 192 downloads) 3 years old
  6. Here is another one.


    1. Korean_traditional_pot_Caldron_Marble_.jpg (67.1 KB, 471 downloads) 3 years old
  7. Korean cauldron.


    1. Traditional_Korean_Pot_Cauldron_Caldro.jpg (56.4 KB, 527 downloads) 3 years old
  8. These are like the pots used traditional Korean cooking. The stove were wood fired (this heat was also used to heat the house). So you had a fire box with a hole cut in the top. The pots would be dropped into the holes. The lip you see on the side of the pot is shere the pot would sit and it sealed the hole. Main items cooked in the pots were rice and soups.

    As you can imagine with the pot sitting over a fire cooking rice was not and easy task. Sometimes the rice get a crust on the bottom. Some people love this crust. If you cook your rice in one of these pots you can get rice with a crust.

  9. Here is korean cauldron set in a fire box.


    1. images.jpeg (7.2 KB, 416 downloads) 3 years old
  10. Thank you, Powerplantop and Georgia! The items you have posted are quite similar to what I saw though interesting the lid on the pot I saw did not have a knob. It was also wider on the bottom than the opening of the bowl part and I'm guessing it was designed that way be placed into the fire.

    I do like the crispy rice that forms on the bottom of my rice cooker.

    Thanks again for your help!

  11. If you did get the korean cauldron, then you could cook anything in it that you would cook in a pot. You can make soups, stews or rice in it. Just put it on the stove and cook like you would with a pot. Wash it as you would wash any pot. If it has some dried food in/on it then just soak it for a bit and then wash as any pot. You can put it into a dish washer as well.

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