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  1. please introduce me some nice easy recipe for my daughter bithday party,,
    infact i hv decided to make bbq on that day,,but i would also like to have more side dish,,i would wana make a little korean style,,can anyone suggest what should i prepare ...thanks

  2. for korean kids? or western kids? in my experience, western kids don't like to have korean sidedishes, because it always looks and smells strange to them and you know how kids are.

    tastewise i can say from experience, that they like kongnamul. the sweet sesame-tase appeals to them and it is not too hot.
    you could try spinach-sidedish or jabjae, if you can get them to try that.

    but in my experience, kids are carnivours, most sidedishes i made aren't even looked at and at the end of the day, all the meat is gone, and the only thing thats left is a heap of sad looking veggies.

  3. Well, if it's for a birthday then you should most definitely prepare some miyeokguk. I believe there is a recipe for it on the site^^
    As far as cakes go, if you can find a recipe for it, sweet potato cake is the most popular in Korea^^

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