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“Korean food in Brazil!”

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  • started 8 months ago by Mr.Pabo
  1. 안녕하세요, 망치!
    Hello peeps!

    My name is Raphael, I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (:

    I was always interested in the east-asian culture like japanese, chinese... But I wanted to know more about the Korean one, because there was not too much things about the quiet morning country in portuguese...

    I started searching about it and found a lot of things, started studying korean and learned more about the food... But this was not enough!

    Once, I went to São Paulo, the bigger city in Brazil, that has a korean neighbourhood called Bom Retiro. There is about 60 thousand koreans in there.

    I went to a restaurant that had shabu-shabu (샤부샤부) as main dish. But, I chose kimbap and raw fish (sashimi).

    When the banchan came with a udon-yubu soup, I thought something was wrong... I didn't ask for it! The waiter laughed and said: don't worry, it's the tradition...

    There was everything in there: 3 types of kimchi (including the standart one), the soup, a cabbage and lettuce salad with bonchon kitchen in honey mustard... Wow! When the kimbap came, I was full! But I ate everything (:

    After that, when I went back to Rio, I simply needed to learn how to cook this nice food.

    Searching on youtube, I found Maangchi's website. I couldn't believe it. Love in the air!

    That was in 2010, since then I cook korean food. I discovered how I love cooking. In fact, I always did it, but learning everything of this made me enhance this love.

    My family and friends simply love the food!

    Thank you Maangchi, for giving me this treasure's chest ;D

  2. Love Maangchi too <3

    Olá !

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