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    I stumbled across this interesting article from South Africa’s Mail and Guardian:


    This opener drew me in:

    “My first encounter with Korean food was in Los Angeles at the renowned but strangely named Soot Bull Jeep.”

    Soot Bull Jeep! What a great name! Turns out this is a very popular restaurant:


    Anyway, the author of this article goes on to discuss why bulgogi is not so popular in South Africa:

    Korean bulgogi hasn’t taken off here. South Africans like things done for them — as one Pieter-Dirk Uys character famously said when contemplating the revolution: “I’d rather die in my bed than have to make it myself.” Cook their own food? Think of all the fondue places that have failed here.

    This also made me laugh out loud, I’d never heard this expression before.

    It’s a very well-written article, and if you’re curious about Korean food in Cape Town, I recommend you read the whole thing.

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